What Kind of Paint to Use on Countertops

What kind of paint to use on countertops

Beautiful countertops are the perfect things for enhancing your functionality around your kitchen as well as giving your kitchen an aesthetic look. These countertops add color and elegance to your kitchen and make it look more beautiful. Although the countertops are quite sturdy and last for a long time, there will surely come a time when they will become scratched and start chipping due to long usage. This degradation can be hidden and slowed down by painting over the countertops. When such a case arises, you need to know what kind of paint to use on countertops. Different kinds of paint are used for different purposes. So you should have the knowledge of what kind of paint to use on countertops to best suit your requirements.

In this article, you will be briefed about the different kinds of countertop paint and their pros and cons. Follow this article to know what kind of paint to use on countertops.

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What kind of paint to use on countertops different

Epoxy Paint

Applying an epoxy paint on your countertop gives it the most durable and scratch-resistant finish. It even fills the chipped parts and seals that part from further damage. However, this type of paint usually falls towards the category of more expensive paints and is difficult to apply and dry. It is normally done using spray painting technique and requires better ventilation for drying up. This makes it less suitable to apply in small size kitchens.

Oil-Based Enamels

Oil-based enamel paints are the most common choice of paints while painting over countertops. They are highly economical because of its affordable pricing and offer high variety of color selection. But the application of these type of paints is quite troublesome. These paints require two coats and take a longer time to dry than other types. One major drawback is that the oils in these paints can occasionally cause the paint to seep into food items. So it is extremely important to cover this paint with a good water-based enamel or sealant.

Melamine Paints

Melamine paint is basically the liquid form of melamine plastic. Just like epoxy paints, these can also be used to reseal the chipping parts. The property that makes it very useful for painting on countertops is the sturdy finish and self-leveling quality that can fix any scratches or chips in your countertops while also preventing further scratches. Melamine paint increases the life of your countertop because of its quite sturdy and indestructible nature. While applying it can cause some troubles as it is somewhat thicker and stickier as compared to other paints. This thick texture also makes it take much longer to dry up.

Latex Paints

You can use water-based latex paints to give your countertops a new look. Chemically speaking, these are the safest paints to use on a kitchen countertop surface because of its non toxic and non reactive nature. However, toughness wise, these paints are not very tough and durable and hence, chips can often occur easily. To prevent chipping and damage, you need to apply a good quality sealant over it. But on the positive side, they provide a wide range of colors and are the easiest to apply.