How To Install Granite Countertops?

Check that all the cabinets are at the same level when installing the Granite Countertops. If the kitchen cabinets are on adjustable legs, it is necessary to ensure that all legs are properly secured to prevent any play. Cabinets must not be connected to each other and fixed to the rear wall. Because the cabinets must be weighed before installing the counter.In the case of a dishwasher, the standard clearance of 62 cm must be left for the machine. There should be enough support around. It is useful to carry out any modification work by covering the Granite counter. Doing so may damage the Granite Counter. So, how to install granite countertops?

Kitchen Countertops Assembly Details

Granite Countertops are made of all cuts and polishes should not be forgotten that dry cuts and polishing should be avoided. This is how you can follow the steps on how to install granite countertops.

  1. Baseboards should be miter nose cut.
  2. While working, we need to put cardboard and similar materials on the worktop parts to prevent damage to the surface finish of the granite countertops.
  3. The silicon cannot be used on the joints and skirtings, or the silicone should be used on the rear wall of the baseboard.
  4. Ideally, the use of adhesive color in the same color tone will make the installation smooth and smooth to the eye.


How To Install Granite Countertops

Granite Countertop Miter Cutting Manufacturing

  • Granite countertops miter nose joints should be cut at 45 angles to ensure maximum strength.
  • If the edges are cut at an angle of less than 45, the miter cuts such as rupture of the edge disrupt the eye and the worktop appearance becomes ugly.
  • CNC cutting should be preferred for miter cutting.
  • The joint must be clean, clean and parallel and sand to the finest detail.
  • For maximum strength, ensure that the color of the adhesive is distributed evenly at the joint.
  • Miter nose joining edges are the most sensitive places to break the parts.
  • Adhesive material as a mixture of polyester is the most robust.

How To Install Granite Countertops? | Installation Considerations

The final stage is a detail that needs to be cleaned of all glue and silicone residues left on the Granite Kitchen Countertop during assembly. It is important to warn your customer that the chemical you use to clean up these residues cannot be used for general cleaning.

During the maintenance of the granite counter, the surface of the counter is cleaned with a specified liquid surface cleaner. We should never leave any material on the granite counter. We have examined how to install granite countertops in this article. If you want to learn and try different things for your home, you can check out our other articles.