How To Measure Kitchen Cabinet

How To Measure Kitchen Cabinet

The best kitchen plans begin with exact estimations. Regardless of whether you are wanting to DIY or working with a contractual worker on putting in a new modern kitchen cabinet in Norcross, estimating your space is not a simple task. From recording the middle point of appliances to marking obstructions, there are significant steps to keep in your mind.

To help save you some time and perplexity, we’ve made a well-ordered guide on how to measure for kitchen cabinets.

How To Estimate For Kitchen Cabinets

·      Draw A Floor Plan

To deliberately arrange the elements of your kitchen, begin with a floor plan. Sketch your kitchen design utilizing grid paper. Make sure to mark the accurate areas of any door, windows, electrical outlets, switches, drain lines, water lines, gas lines, heating and air vents.

·      Horizontal Measurements

When you have the primary draft of your floor plan, it’s a great opportunity to estimate your space. Make sure to utilize inches when you record your measurements. For instance, as 3 feet and 6 inches equivalent 42 inches, you would record 42 inches for that measurement.

Full Wall Lengths: Begin from a connecting corner of the wall and work clockwise, taking horizontal estimations of the wall at 36-inch stature. Measure from one edge of the wall to the next, skipping everything including windows, appliances, etc. Name every one of the walls with a number for simple reference.

Openings and Small Wall Sections: Now, measure and record the wall in smaller sections, for example, from an edge of the wall to the outside trim of a window. Measure all openings, for example, windows or doors, from one outside trim edge to the next outside trim edge. Any trim or embellishment around it ought to be a part of the estimation.

  • Vertical Measurements

Take record vertical estimations from floor to the windowsill, from windowsill to the highest point of the window, and from the highest point of the window to the ceiling.

Next, measure from the floor to ceiling at the three unique spots of the kitchen. This is essential in more established homes as the ceiling heights can change.

·      Record Obstructions

Radiators, pipes, or vents are general obstructions ought to be recorded because they cannot be removed when you plan to install the new cabinets.

·      Appliances & Utilities

Keep your eyes on every single appliance, furniture, fixtures and whatever else from utilities to the water supply that you intend to install in your new kitchen cabinets.

·      Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

When you have precise measures and plan, you can undoubtedly choose the quality cabinet by size, length, width, etc. The accurately measured kitchen cabinet will rely upon your design.

How To Measure Kitchen Cabinet

Whether you plan to renovate a modern or rustic kitchen cabinet in Norcross, this guide will help to make your process more easy and enjoyable. Get ready to follow the step-wise instructions.


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