Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors In 2020

The choice of most popular kitchen cabinet colors in 2020 depends on what kind of kitchen you would like to see after finishing all the work. It can be calm or tonic, showy or pacifying, bright or tender. Consider in this article the basic rules and advice of designers on the choice of colors for the kitchen.

KNB Cabinet Designer’s tips on how to choose the right color for a kitchen cabinet and what to be wary of:

  • In one kitchen cabinet, do not use more than two colors.
  • If the kitchen is decorated in two colors, then the color of the upper cabinets in tone should be lighter than the lower ones.
  • A one-color kitchen looks better if it is made of colors: from light beige to dark brown, pleasant, calm and not too catchy shades. A one-color kitchen looks good if the kitchen is not large.
  • The dominant color in the headset should be only one color if the headset is in different colors.
  • Different colors of the kitchen cabinet must be combined with each other.
  • The starting point in the design of the interior of the kitchen should be furniture.

If you plan to purchase furniture that is bright in color, it is advisable to make the walls calm, neutral colors.

And, on the contrary, a monophonic and not bright kitchen cabinet requires more catchy, contrasting walls and surrounding decor.

Popular Color Combinations; 2020’s The Best Color Combinations in Kitchen

Most popular kitchen cabinet colors in 2020 has these combinations;

  • White – combined with almost all colors. Best with blue, red, and black;
  • Beige – suitable for blue, brown, gray and white;
  • Gray – a neutral color that can be basic. It goes well with beige / cream, pink, red, purple, brown, blue;
  • Pink – brown, white, olive, gray, turquoise is suitable for this color;
  • Red – ideally combined with yellow, white, green, blue and black, possibly a combination with gray;
  • Brown – with bright blue, cream, pink, green, beige, light brown;
  • Orange – with blue, purple, violet, green;
  • Yellow – with blue, lilac, gray, black, lilac;
  • Green – suitable for golden brown, yellow, black, light beige;
  • Blue – to red, gray, orange, pink, white, yellow;
  • Blue – to lilac, green, yellow, orange, red;
  • Lilac – to yellow, green, brown, beige;
  • Black – universal elegant color. Looks good with all colors. most popular kitchen cabinet colors in 2020 is best combined with orange, pink, green, white, red, yellow.