How to Install Bamboo Flooring?

The bamboo flooring is a luxurious flooring with high-quality characteristics used in the interiors of both homes and offices. A simple and fast installation based on simple technology from trendy bamboo is possible. So, how to install bamboo flooring?

How to Install Bamboo Flooring

However, it is necessary to investigate some nuances of study performance. Let’s talk about how to correctly attach bamboo flooring with your own hands and the flooring methods. Bamboo flooring is a natural material with characteristics familiar to hardwoods.

The main advantages of flooring:

  • Durability,
  • Natural resistance to moisture,
  • Resistance,
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation properties,
  • Anti-static properties.

In the design of living spaces, bamboo flooring is not only a stylish and beautiful solution but also flooring that absorbs negative energy, providing a suitable environment for accommodation. So, how to install bamboo flooring?

Bamboo Flooring Types

Multi-layer design, choose from 2 to 5 layer bamboo types. Softwood and protective lacquer finish is the universal solution for finishing the interior in the home. A wide range of species and floorings can apply the ideas of homeowners and emphasize the unique style of interior design. Classification of bamboo flooring is carried out in various ways.

How to Install Bamboo Flooring? | Laying of Bamboo Flooring

  1. Classification by structure

Horizontal bamboo flooring, composed of strips glued together; The vertical bamboo flooring is made of bamboo strips placed on the side with the original appearance.

  1. Classification by color
  • Natural color
  • Brown
  1. Classification with varnish
  • Mat
  • Bright

Classification by Type of Paving Blocks

  • Piece bamboo flooring – large size and characterized by a three-layer structure horizontally or vertically.
  • Parquet bamboo flooring – any board consists of 1-5 layers and has a horizontal structure.
  • Mosaic bamboo flooring – this flooring is in modules and has a polygonal or round shape.

Bamboo flooring is a proven way to create a unique interior. Due to the special texture of yellow and white, the material cannot be compared with any wood species. The best option when choosing the product is to buy bamboo flooring from Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers.

Bamboo Flooring Installation

The first question before bamboo flooring: Floating or glue method is there? When you plan to install bamboo flooring with your own hands, the first thing you should know is the mounting technology of the foundation to be followed.

This is the key to the beautiful appearance of the flooring. The adhesive method used when installing bamboo flooring creates a sense of robustness and reliability of the design. The main and only disadvantage of the method is that a number of studies are required to ensure good adhesion of the glue and smoothness of the surface. So, how to install bamboo flooring? You can contact our KnBCabinet team for full details of this question.

The laying of the floating bamboo flooring is the free placement of the flooring on the foam substrate. The assembly technology is very simple and allows you to change the flooring quickly if necessary. It is recommended that wedges be extended with strips close to the walls to ensure the integrity of the floor. In practice, the glue method is used more often.

We have explained in detail how to install bamboo flooring for you. If you have any questions, please contact us.