Are you planning to remodel your kitchen?  Do you want to design the modern kitchen cabinets in Norcross on your own? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Here, you will learn everything about how to build a kitchen cabinet. Although you have several options to get your kitchen cabinet ready, choosing DIY cabinet may cut costs.

How to Build a Kitchen Cabinet
How to Build a Kitchen Cabinet

On the other hand, many homeowners opt to build cabinets as part of their renovations to achieve a custom look. Whether you want your cabinet designing to save on cost or just need to design on your own, if you have basic woodworking skills, follow the below tips.

How to Build Kitchen Cabinet on Your Own

  • Design Your Cabinets: Generally, the cabinets are about 24” deep and 34.5” tall.  Calculate the size of the wall while the standard wall cabinet depth is 12 to 14”.
  • Cut the Side Panels: Use ¾” MDF, cut out the sidepieces for the cabinet. Usually, the side panels will be of 34.5” high and 24” wide. 
  • Cut the Bottom Panels: The bottom panel will be of 24” deep while the width can change depending on the dimensions of your kitchen.
  • Cut the Two Base Panels:  Cut two pieces of 1×6 lumbers to similar width of your bottom panel. In case you are making the wall cabinet skip this step.
  • Cut the Top Bracers: Cut two pieces of the 1×6 of the same width to be used to brace the upper portion of the side panels. This step is not applicable if you make a wall cabinet.
  • Cut the Face Panels:  Use dimensional lumber of wood type and a few different sizes depending on the look you want such as 1x2s, 1x3s, and 1x4s. Assembled like a picture frame.
  • Put Together the Base: First line up the flat face of one base panel with the back edge of the bottom panel. Now line up the second base from the end of the bottom panel to create a toe kick. Use glue to place the pieces and then use the drill pilot holes to screw and butt joints.
  • Attach the Side Panels: Follow the same process as previous to attach the side panels. Use the angle measure, clamps and levels to ensure 90-degree angles.
  • Nail on a Back Panels: Trace all outside frames of the back of the cabinets and then cut back panels of ½” plywood. 
  • Reinforce the Connections:  Reinforce all the connections within the cabinet and use corner brackets & screws. 
  • Insert the Shelves:  Measure the height of shelves and mark it, then start to install four corner brackets per shelf.
  • Assemble & Install the Face Panels: Use flat joints, assemble face pieces in the same way as you would a picture frame. Use the pocket holes, mortise, dowels and tenon joints to secure the pieces and when it is done, glue and nail the single unit in place. 
  • Fit & Attach the Cabinets: Fit the cabinets into their final location and secure it by screwing through the back panel.
  • Install the Doors: Buy door panels and install them following the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

How to Build a Kitchen Cabinet

Do you find all this process easy?  If no, then consult with us at K&B Cabinet and get your custom design cabinet ready. We offer kitchen and bathroom cabinets including modern to rustic kitchen cabinets in Nor-cross to our residential and commercial clients at a reasonable cost. Call us to get free estimates.