How to Clean Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Are you fed up with the grime on your kitchen cabinet doors?  If yes, here are some simple household techniques that can help you keep your kitchen cabinet crystal clean. A kitchen is a place where oil is used the most and when your greasy hands touch the kitchen cabinets, it leaves the grease over there. Whether you own metal or wood kitchen cabinets in Old Hickory, the tips mentioned below will be useful to you.

Materials Required


  • Dish Soap
  • A bucket full of a gallon of hot water
  • Microfiber towels or sponge
  • Oil soap solution that is best for wood-finished cabinets.
How to Clean Kitchen Cabinet Doors
How to Clean Kitchen Cabinet Doors

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinet Doors | Instructions

  • Take a bucket and mix the two tablespoons of dish soap along with hot water. Mix the material. In case, you have a lack of bucket, use the plugged kitchen sink.
  • Wet the microfiber towel or sponge using the soapy water and apply it on the sticky areas. It is advisable to use the microfiber towels because they would not leave lint on the door. Pay attention around the handles as these are the foremost to get the dirt.
  • Utilize the sponge or microfiber to scrub off any greasy areas of your cabinet door. You can also use the soft brush or harsher scrubbing tool because the rougher tools can damage the finish of painted, wooden or plastic kitchen cabinets.
  • Gently wash off the suds and utilize your clean microfiber cloth to dry the cabinets. Always brush in the direction of the grain especially on wood cabinets in Old Hickory.
  • The Oil soap solutions are the final step and it is especially for wood finished or painted doors. You have to dilute the oil soap before application. First test out it on a small area of the door to ensure that it would not damage the finish of your cabinet. If you are sure that it is safe then use it in the same way as done before.

For Regular Cleaning

A bottle full with a mixture of vinegar is a perfect and cost-effective solution for regular cleaning. Use this to spray regularly on the door to remove the stains of grease build-up.

There are several kinds of cabinets including wood, painted, modern, rustic and metal kitchen cabinets in Old Hickory. It is necessary to keep them clean to boost your kitchen look. Follow the tips mentioned above or to know more feel free to reach us at K&B Cabinets. Our team of professionals can help to keep your kitchen cabinets shine for a longer time.


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