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Has bumping, scraping and misaligned doors or shaker kitchen cabinets in Old Hickory fed you up? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Here are the easiest and simplest fixes that can help you make your kitchen cabinet door in working condition.

How to Adjust Kitchen Cabinet Doors
How to Adjust Kitchen Cabinet Doors


Most modern kitchen cabinets in Old Hickory have adjustable hinges with three directional adjustments:

  • Up and down
  • Side to side
  • In and out

Among this, most hinges have mechanisms for side to side and depth adjustment while others may be adjusted up and down utilizing the screws that mount the hinges to the cabinet. Some basic hinges contain the up and down adjustment offered by elonged screw holes while the non-adjustable hinges should be moved to reposition the doors.

How to Adjust Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Alignment Issues

When it comes to adjusting the cabinet doors, you want it to look right. Often users end up tweaking doors bit off kilter so they can perform well together. This may need a compromise between aligning the outside door with cabinet outside and aligning the inside edge with cabinet mating door.

Tools & Supplies Required

The only tool you need is a screwdriver. Don’t utilize the power drill with screwdriver bit as the force of drill can strip the screw heads out the cabinet wood.


·      Tighten Loose Mounting Screw

Open the door of the cabinet and locate the part of the hinge connected to the cabinet box. Look at the two screws available at the top and bottom of the hinge and mount the hinge to the cabinet.  Move the screws to the clockwise to ensure the door is secure.

·      Adjust The Door Up Or Down

In case, tightening the mounting screw is unable to fix the problem, find the screw that adjusts the doors up and down. Adjust the cabinet door to the right height and tighten the screw once again.

·      Adjust The Door Right To Left

Utilize the side to side adjustment that moves the door right or left to align the door with the edges of the cabinet box. Adjust one or both hinges on each door determining the correction it needs. If you find the door is tilting down to the right, turn the side-to-side screw on the top hinge so that the hinge pull closer to the cabinet box by moving the top of the door to the left.  Otherwise, you can adjust the side-to-side screw on the bottom hinge to turn the hinge away from the cabinet box.

·      Adjust The Door In Or Out

Use depth adjustment screw to turn the door in and out connected to the cabinet box.  In case of the door don‘ t meet the box at the top, adjust the top hinge to the cabinet and adjust the bottom hinge away from the cabinet. In case the door is gapped at the bottom do it in the back.

·      Examine The Door

Finally, close the door after adjustment to ensure you are moving it in the right directions to inspect if it needs more adjustment. If the problem is solved it is good for you otherwise you need professionals help.

How to Adjust Kitchen Cabinet Doors

At   K&B Cabinet, we offer door adjustment, repair and replacement of any modern kitchen cabinet in Old Hickory. If you want professionals to help, feel free to call us and discuss your needs.


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