How to Install Wood Flooring?

Wood flooring is a floor covering formed by bringing together pieces of wood cut to the same length according to a certain order. It is desired that the tree to be made of wood parquet be resistant to abrasion, hard, resin-free, knot-free and crack-free, and its color is vivid and bright. It is usually made from hardwoods such as oak, beech hornbeam, maple, walnut, and rosewood.

The tree must also be over 50 years old. Because the number of knots decreases as the age of the tree increases. The moisture content of the wood to be used in parquet construction is also important. In addition, the surface should be smooth, the sides should be parallel to each other. So, how to install wood flooring?

Tree hardness, fiber structure, natural color, and working rate; Parquet is one of the factors that affect the quality. The moisture content of the parquet in terms of product quality, geometric shape smoothness, design, dimensions, the thickness of the scraper, surface smoothness, classification, and packaging are the factors that affect the result.

How to Install Wood Flooring
How to Install Wood Flooring

Things to Do Before Laying Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is impregnated to eliminate their negative properties. Impregnation; is the process of impregnation of wood with various methods. The true meaning of this technique; impregnation of chemical solutions from wood pressure machine. No application other than this technique can actually protect the wood. Without decaying and spoiling, impregnation is applied to the timber that is required to last for years.

The most important privilege of impregnated wood products is its contribution to human health. With the contemporary flooring varnishes developed, both wooden floors are allowed to breathe and maintain their natural functions and wooden floorings are provided with the same durability as marble and ceramic. The most important part of the question of how to install wood flooring is the issues to be considered when installing the parquet.

The most important issue to be considered when laying wood flooring is the expansion and contraction of the parquet according to the moisture condition. It is seen that the parquet flooring swells in very humid weather. 20-25 mm clearance should be left between the parquet and the wall to prevent blistering.

How to Install Wood Flooring

These gaps are then closed with the baseboard. Parquet baseboards are made of short paint in various profiles of the same type of wood. After the parquet is laid, some gaps on the upper surface can be applied with a paste made of fine wood chips and varnish and glue. After drying, the protrusions on the surface are removed with a grater and cyst. The smoothed surface is thoroughly cleaned and wax polish, varnish or parquet varnish is applied. These varnishes are made 4-6 coats after priming according to the situation. It is polished with a machine after each coat for brightness.

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