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How To Install Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops beautify your kitchen and give it a new look through the exciting and attractive colors and texture. They make your kitchen workplace pretty looking and worth showing off. Do you also want to know how to install laminate countertops? This article will guide you through the steps involved. Read below to know how to install laminate countertops

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  1. Remove the faucet and drain trap from the place where you want to install the laminate countertop and disconnect the water supply of the area. Remove the sink brackets and take out the sink.
  2. Measure the area and draw out a template to cut from the new laminate countertop material.
  3. Cut the laminate to make a new countertop that fits the measurements with the help of a fine-tooth saw blade. Smoothen the ends by filing in one direction.
  4. Check the miter corner for a perfect fit. Apply a piece of masking tape along the top side of the backsplash which will be marked later and then set the countertop in the designated area. You should make the mitered corners as tight as possible by tightening the miter bolts.
  5. After ensuring the right positioning and fit, remove the new countertop and sand the countertop to the line using a belt sander. Check the fitting again, and make any additional adjustments if required.
  6. Add return splashes at the places where the counter and the walls meet. Also add an end trim and finishes at places where the countertop meets the walls and where it overhangs. 
  7. Trace out a template for the sink and range top onto the countertop. Then trace a 0.5 inch band around the edge on the inside of the outline. 
  8. Cut along the band line of the template edge. You can drill a few 0.5 inch starter holes in the corners to hold the countertop in place. Cut out the pieces and file the rough edges to match the template size. Don’t leave behind any splinters or rough edges.
  9. Before starting to attach the new laminate countertop to the base cabinets, you should add some extra support near the edges, and along the back of the countertop to provide strength and integrity.
  10. Drill through the build up strips and add angle brackets to secure your new laminate countertop. Align them just underneath the top of the strips and then position the countertops, starting with the longest piece first.
  11. Firmly tighten the miter bolts but be careful to avoid cracking the substrate of the laminate countertop. And then finish installing your laminate countertop by placing your sink and range on the countertop. Finally apply silicone around the edges and back wall and your laminate countertops are installed.

How To Install Laminate Countertops

Now you know how to install laminate countertops in your kitchen to give them a new lively look. Feel free to contact us for any help in this matter. We at K&B Cabinets are always here for giving the best advice to you for your kitchen and bathroom. You can also visit us if you require any professional assistance for a beautifully designed kitchen.