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How To Replace Countertops

A very quick and easy way to get rid of the old and boring look of your kitchen or bathroom without having to remodel it completely is by replacing the countertops. This not only gives your home a new look and feel but also improves your functionality around the house. Today we will be talking about how to replace countertops in your home all by yourself.

The countertops are the most useful parts of your kitchen and bathroom. They are also the most visible parts and their look and design can influence the look of the entire room. Your countertops always have to bear the brunt of the hot pots and pans, food splashes, water, soap, chemical scrubbers and the heavy metal boxes and containers. This can leave them all chipped up and scratched which in turn destroys the beauty of your home and leaves it feeling distasteful. With this guide on how to replace countertops, you can learn to replace your old and chipped countertops to improve the look of your home.

How To Replace Countertops
How To Replace Countertops

Before we start on how to replace countertops, you should decide about the material to be used and buy the countertop material beforehand. You can get best quality countertops of all materials and styles from K&B Cabinets. Once you have the countertops with you, follow these steps to learn how to replace countertops.

How To Replace Countertops

Step 1- Remove the old countertops

  • Detach any gas or water pipelines to the cooktop, sink and faucets.
  • Take out the sinks, faucets, cooktops and other such things.
  • Scratch out the caulking on countertops with the backsplash.
  • Remove the bolts used to fasten the countertops together.
  • Take off the countertops.

Step 2- Cut and Fit New Countertops

  • Measure the space where the new countertops are to be laid and cut out the countertop of the required shape and size.
  • Trace the positions and sizes of the sink and faucets on the countertop and cut them out.
  • File out the cuts to make them smooth and rounded. This will make them safe to touch.
  • Check for fitting over the required space.
  • Cut out build up strips and fasten them in place.
  • Bolt the countertops together.

Step 3- Installing and Finishing

  • Place the countertops over the build up strips and bolt them together into place.
  • Scribe as per the backsplash line and file the countertop edges to match it.
  • Firmly secure the countertops by caulking the miter joints and then caulk along the backsplash.
  • Finally screw or cement the countertops with the underlying cabinets or the rack.

Your replaced countertops are ready.

This is how to replace countertops all by yourself. If you need someone to help you out with the replacement of your countertops, then you can rely upon the highly experienced experts at K&B Cabinets. We will replace your old countertops in the most effective and professional way. Simply contact us whenever you need help and we will be there for you. With us you don’t need to search again for how to replace countertops anymore.