how to clean granite countertops

Granite, which has become very popular for the last 20 years, is one of the most preferred products in bathrooms and kitchens. Granite, which is preferred by many people because of its beautiful appearance and high quality, although it is expensive, requires a special sensitivity in cleaning. Because it is a material that can be worn out in a short time as a result of wrong methods, although it can be cleaned easily. Therefore, it is necessary to have accurate information about granite counter cleaning. Here is the answer to the question of how to clean granite countertops.

Granite material which is essentially resistant to wear, heat and abrasion; can be easily cleaned with the right methods and products. However, not every granite countertop is the same. In some factories, a special paste must be used for resin-free treatment and in others for non-leakage. Therefore, the cleaning method to be applied should be compatible with the structure of the granite.

  • Do not use materials containing heavy chemicals

High acidic chemicals damage the structure of the granite. Therefore, you can prefer cleaning products with balanced pH value that can be used on marble surfaces. Before you start using the product, you can try it on a small part of the machine and see if it causes any damage.

How to Clean Granite Countertops
How to Clean Granite Countertops

You can get help from soft microfiber cloths on granite countertops. So you can protect your countertop from scratches. In addition, if the floor is not so dirty during routine cleaning, you should use the microfiber cloth with the help of warm and clear water.

How to Clean Granite Countertops?

There are many granite cleaning methods, the simplest granite cleaning method for you will be as follows:

After each meal preparation, wipe with a small amount of water and a microfibre cloth. You can also prepare the solution yourself at home but beware of vinegar, which may cause the polished stone to deteriorate due to the acid in it.

Which Type of Granite Cleaner Should I Use?

Are you not sure that how to can clean granite countertops with the liquid you wash your hands? Here are the tips and tricks to choose the right granite cleaner for you:

Cleaning products containing acidic and heavy chemicals will only damage your granite surfaces. Find out which products you can use only on granite surfaces, or use a pH-balanced product for cleaning marble. Spray and wipe. Be sure to test a small section before use. For extra protection and shine, try using granite polish. Thus, it will be resistant to stains and food residues of spilled liquids and will be easier to clean.

In the use of polish, it is important to use water-based polish because granite surfaces are sensitive to abrasion and stains. For natural cleaning, you can use acid-free soap and warm water. Spread this mixture on the granite countertop and wipe it with a clean cloth without rinsing.

Applying the granite cleaner at least twice a week will help maintain the quality of the granite surface. We have answered the question of how to clean granite countertops for you. You can follow our blog for more information.