Top Kitchen Trends Of 2020

On the account of the history of the formation of the kitchen – a lot of trends and a variety of solutions, successful and not so. Some solutions have passed the test of time, others have become popular recently, but they are already called promising and long-term. That is what today there will be top kitchen trends of 2020.


Laconic design and minimalism in detail are at the top of fashion today. Designers offer to completely abandon the handles on the facades of kitchen cabinets, preferring the push-to-open system. Smooth even facades without protruding elements visually expand the space, look attractive, in addition, they are easy to use. The same applies to household appliances: it is worth choosing a model where the handles are as invisible as possible or completely absent.

The Most Integrated into The Interior

The tendency to combine the kitchen with the living room has changed the attitude towards the design of the kitchen set. Today for top kitchen trends of 2020 this is not the visual focus of the room, but, on the contrary, its most inconspicuous part. Designers do everything to hide the working area: they clean them in niches, paint the walls in the color of facades, refuse upper drawers and even a kitchen apron.

Lightweight Design

The tendency towards minimalism in everything is felt more and more clearly: to use only the most necessary, to remove unnecessary details and decor. The number of cabinets becomes smaller, shelves appear instead of the top of the headset, the apron becomes as simple and uncluttered as kitchen appliances.

The Hood

Top kitchen trends of 2020 designers stopped hiding the hood behind the facades of cabinets and made this utilitarian technical device part of the interior decor. However, this does not cancel its main purpose – to absorb air during cooking. Therefore, it is mandatory over the kitchen island.

Important Tips For 2020

You do not need to spend millions to be in trend. In top kitchen trends of 2020 is enough to install a protruding sink – it is not only convenient, but also stylish. 

It is impossible to imagine a fashionable kitchen without a minimalist technique.

Use marble in the decoration: the brighter the pattern on it, the better. Natural or high-quality imitation – the choice is yours.

Golden faucets and sinks are another trend that is hard to resist. You can support them in the design of the kitchen fixtures with brass parts.