How To Make Wood Countertop

The readers going through this article must have been searching for how to make wood countertops from a very long time. Wood countertops are basically an ancient idea which are back in vogue and house owners use it in kitchen, bath design and even in their living room. As the generation is modernising, the trend has also taken a completely new phase now the house owners are using wood countertop in all possible ways in order to make their building a green place and to get the feel of nature at their home. You can also learn how to make wood countertops with the help of this article.

In order to meet the changing desires and demand of the customers the basic design and style options offered to them are limitless. Beyond this, even fabricated countertops are provided to them with numerous designs. Nowadays even bamboo, maple and walnut woods are also used for making countertops. Today in this article we will work towards lending you the easy and convenient steps towards how to make wood countertops easily which will increase the beauty of the house at a very low effective rate. 

Building a countertop starts at the lumberyard itself. Read on to know how to make wood countertops:

How To Make Wood Countertop


It is very important for one to take their time and then decide which lumber to pick from the yard. One should keep in view that the lumber picked by them should have a nice grain match make in order to avoid the damage or wrapped. It  is highly recommended that spending a few extra minutes in the yard will help you save hours at the shop. 


One must plan accordingly to their needs and then prepare to cut the wood accordingly and start providing shape to it. All the important factors like keeping the wood straight, measuring the wood before cutting should be kept under proper visualization. 


You should take the middle section of the wood which is where the blade meets and cut wooden boards from it. Everything remains a little uneven at the beginning, however you need to work on that to get it even. You need to sand and file the uneven surfaces to get them even. When all the wood becomes satisfactory, it’s only a matter of joining them all together.


After following the previous step one must start with arranging how they want the boards, then marking which side should be up, and also seeing where the ends need to be jointed further.Once the pieces are all flat, mark out five marks across for where the dowels will go. Using a dowel jig makes a huge difference when it comes to lining everything up right. And then it’s just a matter of drilling about 30 holes in this case to get all the dowels to line up properly.

How To Make Wood Countertop
How To Make Wood Countertop

Once all the holes get drilled one must get the glues and clamps ready, then put down some glue along the joints, put in the dowels and start clamping everything together. Also clamping down some boards at the top to keep the wood from bowing. And then it’s a matter of adding more clamps and letting the glue dry.


Once the glue is dry start the thorough process of sanding. First start out with the belt sander to remove a lot of material, then later  move on to the random orbital sander with a finer grit. First sand them to get all the pieces to the same level, and then to remove any scratches. Then once this dry it’s easy enough to sand smooth.Then cut off the back corners of the counter with a jig saw to make it fit in between the window trim on each side. 


Now take cherry dye and stain, and then do some tests on it, which is always a good idea.   What’s awesome with both dye and stain is that you can play with the proportions, and add more mineral spirits in the case of oil based stain, or more water to your dye solution. Put on at least two coats. Once the dye dries up, put on a washcoat of polyurethane on both the top and the bottom of the counter to seal everything. 

Follow this guide on how to make wood countertops and you will find it very easy to be able to get the warm and handsome wood countertops that you’ve always wanted for your home. Contact K&B Cabinets if you need any more help on how to make wood countertops. We are always here to help you get the home of your dreams.