How to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring?

The aesthetics that vinyl plank floor adds to the look of the house or apartment are indisputable. However, if not properly maintained, the plank floor loses its quality and beautiful appearance over time. Vinyl plank flooring cleaning is easy and effortless if done correctly. So, how to clean the vinyl plank flooring?

When cleaning plank floors, it is important not to scratch the surface we clean! You should use a soft broom when sweeping the floor. When using the vacuum cleaner, also make sure that the cleaner head is suitable for the floor. Do not use strong chemical products such as bleach.

Regular thorough cleaning is as important as knowing how to clean the floor. First, you need to understand what kind of plank flooring is. While water can be used for cleaning polyacrylic surface laminate flooring varieties, less water should be used in polished parquets. In case of uncertainty, you should also use a little water during cleaning and consult a specialist.

Add some plank cleaner to the water you will use for cleaning. In this case, vinyl plank cleaner can be a good option. Never use a cleaning product containing bleach. Such products damage the plank surface and cause staining. Always use the product of your choice in accordance with the instructions for use. For the question of how to clean vinyl plank flooring, this option would be a good way.

Wipe the floor according to the direction of the plank. For stubborn stains, soak the cleaning cloth in the water where you have added the wood cleaner and wipe it.

How to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring

Then wipe the area with clean water again. Thus, the medicated area will be rinsed. Make sure there is not much water left in the area you are wiping. Finally, let the wood floor dry.

How to Clean Unpainted Wood Floors

If you’re wondering how to clean the unpolished real plank floor, the answer is clean water with no added medication. Wipe the floor with the minimum amount of water you can use. The mop you use should not be damp but wet, so squeeze the water thoroughly before wiping.

For cleaning dirty and stained areas, spray with special sprays intended for such wooden floors and then wipe with a cleaning cloth. If you have used the right amount of water, the floor will not need to dry, but if you are unsure, you can wipe it with a dry cloth in the direction of the woods.

How to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring? | Vinyl Plank Cleaning Tips

If this is your first time cleaning your vinyl plank floor, try the products you will use in an invisible area of ​​the room. In this way, only a small part of the product will be affected if the product will be damaged.

You should be aware that the excess water used during polished plank cleaning can cause the flooring to swell. Therefore, make sure to use the water in sufficient amounts.

Now that you’ve discovered how you can clean your parquet floor, you can ensure that your parquets maintain their quality for years. In this article, we have answered the question of how to clean vinyl plank flooring. Please contact us for further questions and comments.