Top Bathroom Trends Of 2020

The Scandinavian style and the trend for the modern jungle will continue to occupy leading positions in top bathroom trends of 2020. These trends look most advantageous in combination with natural materials and the most fashionable shades of green.

50 Shades of Green

Green is the most versatile color associated with nature. Almost no other color can create various visual effects like this one. It does not matter if it is deep spruce, swamp green or avant-garde mint hue: the palette of various green colors varies from warm to cold, from relaxing to energizing, from natural to futuristic. This is what makes the green color ideal for the individual design of the bathroom. So, for example, a decorative color panel will turn the bath into a real SPA zone. The seashell in a fashionable mint hue will become the link between nature and the metropolis: no other shade of green can harmoniously combine with the high-tech modern world when it comes to striving for original solutions.

Natural Materials for A Warm and Cozy Atmosphere

In top bathroom trends of 2020, the trend will set the desire for nature. This applies not only to shades but also to materials. One of the key trends is furniture with an original wood look. New surfaces such as Oak, Walnut or Elm are featured in bathroom furniture collections. 

Modern Jungle

The trend towards the “modern jungle” proves that nature can be associated not only with harmony and tranquility. It is this trend that demonstrates that nature has a “wild” side. Spectacular wallpapers with jungle motifs or exotic indoor plants are the best suited for decorating a space in this style that is no longer taboo for bathrooms. Furniture with wood textures, earthy shades and classic white ceramic surfaces are the perfect complement. Even vivid contrasts are permissible, be it color or monochrome. The perfect top bathroom trends of 2020 for experimenters!

Smart by Nature

Everyone who thought that nature and technology are incompatible with the onset of 2020 will understand that he was mistaken. Now top bathroom trends of 2020 have integrated smart technologies in the arrangement of the bathroom, which is designed to serve the person and satisfy his needs. For example, to fill the space of the bathroom with the right light at any time. Light, cold lighting in the morning serves as a source of energy and prepares for the upcoming workday, while warm, dim light in the evening, on the contrary, helps to relax.