how to paint formica countertops

How to Paint Formica Countertops

If your house is a bit old then there is a high chance that it is fitted with formica countertops as many older apartments, campers, mobile homes, and older construction homes originally contained formica countertops and by now they would have been worn out. Painting your formica countertops is a very effective way of enhancing the look of your kitchen and transforming it according to your choice and preferences. This also helps you to save money and the pain of replacing a worn out countertop. All you require are a few painting materials and the right knowledge of how to paint formica countertops in order to bring your old countertops back to life.

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How to Paint Formica Countertops | Step 1 – Choose a Paint

Thoroughly research the choices of paint colors available as per your requirement when go for painting your formica countertops. For better visual effects, you might want to mimic a stone look or have a beautiful charcoal effect. So you need to choose your colors as per that. After you’ve picked the type and color of paint you want to use, you should measure the surface area covered by your formica countertops and approach a paint store or home improvement center with the measurements to purchase adequate quantity of paint to finish the job. Also purchase enough amount of primer as well as the materials like paint rollers, brushes and other things needed to complete your job.

Step 2 – Prepare the Countertop

After buying the desired paint you wish to paint your formica countertops with, you need to prepare the countertop for painting. For this, you need to roughen up the entire surface of the countertop using a fine-grit sandpaper so that the primer and paint stick to the surface. Take care to buff the entire surface area so that the paint will adhere to the counter nicely.

Step 3 – Clean the Countertop

Then clean the countertop with a liquid cleaner. Take extreme precaution to turn off any gas pilot lights when using liquid cleaners. With the use of a solvent cleaner, wipe the entire surface of the countertop to remove all dust and debris before starting to paint. For ideal effects, you should use either a lacquer thinner or acetone as the cleaning agent. Both of these evaporate very fast and take less time

Step 4 – Apply the Primer

Coat the countertop with the primer base using paint rollers and apply an even coat across the entire surface of the countertop. After the first coat dries up apply one more coat and let the primer dry completely before proceeding to apply paint on the countertop.

Step 5 – Apply the Epoxy Paint

Use a paint with an epoxy base to paint your formica countertops. It dries up to give a harder cost and is more durable and will last longer than any other regular paints. Another advantage of using epoxy paints is that they are available in many colors and styles. You should apply at least two coats of paint to get the best desired results.

Knowing how to paint formica countertops is a very effective way of giving your kitchen a whole new look at minimal costs. In this article we have explained how to paint formica countertops in the easiest and most effective way. Feel free to contact the experts at K&B Cabinets at any point when you need help in painting your formica countertops.