What is Pergo Flooring?

It is a type of economic floor and we often encounter it in today’s residential projects. Together with developing technology, the new generation of Pergo flooring looks better, performs better and feels more wooden than ever before. In fact, most of the houses that we can call luxury now use the Pergo parquet. Behind all this popularity brings the following question: What is Pergo flooring?

What is Pergo Flooring

Pergo parquet is a hybrid decking made of particleboard wood. Unlike hardwoods that often require professional installation, the Pergo parquet is extremely easy to install. The upper part of the Pergo is waterproof like vinyl flooring.

However, the only similarity with the vinyl floor is that the top layer is waterproof. Building blocks are two very different materials and are often mixed with laminated parquet because their names are close to each other.

Pergo Flooring: Pergo parquet was invented in 1977 by the Swedish company Perstorp. The company put forward the idea of ​​obtaining floor coverings by exposing waste wood pieces to high pressure, heat, and binding chemicals, and since then, the Pergo parquet has been produced with the same system. Basically, the Pergo flooring consists of 3 layers.

What is Pergo Flooring?

These are as follows;

Wear layer

The wear layer is a thin surface layer impregnated with melamine. This top surface layer is a transparent plastic layer that is resistant to dogs, chairs, high heels, and other common harmful elements.

Image Layer

Even when viewed in close-up, Pergo hardwood may look realistic. This is due to the photographic quality of the actual wood under the wear layer of the Pergo. The decor layer is also called.

Base Layer (Core)

The base layer is called HDF. This core layer made of high-density fiberboard (HDF) is the main carrier layer which is resistant to water. HDF is obtained by compressing wood fibers together with adhesive and resin.

It is cheaper than the Pergo parquet, Laminated parquet, and most stone flooring. In terms of price, it can be compared with Pergo, luxury vinyl flooring and some ceramic or porcelain tiles. That is the distinction in the question of what is Pergo flooring.

Pergo has many pros and cons. We’ll tell you just a few of them: An advantage of Pergo flooring is that it is cleaned and surprisingly scratch-resistant.

So, Pergo flooring can be a great decking for pet owners. The main disadvantage of Pergo is that it is waterproof but can cause Pergo flooring to swell if water enters between the joints.