Are you planning to upgrade kitchen cabinet doors? If yes and you are interested in woodwork, you can make doors of modern to rustic, metal to wood kitchen cabinets in Norcross. There are some simple tips to use in this process.

How To Make Kitchen Cabinets Doors
How To Make Kitchen Cabinets Doors

Remember, the cabinets doors can make and break the entire look and longevity of your cabinet in your kitchen. The secret lies in the quality of material you are going to use and workmanship. If you are ready then follow the below steps:

How To Make Kitchen Cabinets Doors | How To Build Cabinet Doors

Choose Which Door Type You Want To Make: There are two types of cabinet doors: slab and flat panel, which are most chosen. You should consider your needs including speed of construction, ease of cleanup, durability and maintenance.

Choose The Right Material: Most doors are made of plywood. Use medium density fiberboard on painted or a covered surface for building a slab door. In case you are planning to make a panel door, this is performed by either gluing up a panel to length or width you need by utilizing the solid piece that has been specially milled for you. Further, use the follow the steps:

  • Lay out the dimensions of the door on the sheet material of your choice.
  • Cut the door from sheet material using either a table saw or circular saw.
  • Ease of edges of the face using the router.
  • Put on the finish, install the hinges and doorknob.

After this, you are ready to hang the cabinet door.

Some Important Things To Remember

  • Ensure Wood Is Straight: Warped and twisted board will lead to design twisted and warped cabinet doors. Spend extra time to check the board for straight. 
  • Pick Hardwood For Strong Doors: Hardwood can be expensive to you, but it can last for many years to come that prevent repair repeatedly.  Poplar is budget friendly wood and alder is quite inexpensive for hardwood. These make you easy to work with wood.
  • Follow Right Construction When Cutting The Rails: Make sure the two rails and two stiles are cut to the exact same length as a little inch mistake can lead to problems ahead.  It is better to cut both pieces at the same length.
  • True Up The Blades: Take time to true up your blades so that you can get straight and square cabinet doors. 

How To Make Kitchen Cabinets Doors

Follow these guidelines and you will be able to build perfect doors for your wood kitchen cabinets in Norcross. Remember, your little mistake can cause problems ahead. Therefore, if you want the professionals to build a cabinet door for you at a reasonable cost then reach us at K&B Cabinet. For the past many years, we have been providing custom cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom.

Feel free to contact us today and get free estimates. We are just one call away from you.


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