How much are quartz countertops

How much are quartz countertops

The most effective way of making your dull and unattractive looking kitchen more appealing is installing beautiful countertops. Countertops give your kitchen a refreshing new look while improving your functionality and making your work around the kitchen more easy. Kitchen countertops can be of many different materials and sizes. The most beautiful and elegant variant among these are the quartz countertops. Before leaping on to the topic of how much are quartz countertops, let’s discuss a little as to why they are so desirable. With their enhanced durability and shiny lustrous glow, these quartz countertops instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and make it more attractive. Quartz countertops are sure to make your guests jealous when you show off the beauty of your elegantly designed kitchen to them. 

How much are quartz countertops

How much are quartz countertops? 

Now let’s come to the burning question of how much are quartz countertops? Well that depends on the type and size of countertops you are getting. If you go for a small countertop then it will cost less but if your go for a relatively bigger countertop then it will cost your considerably high amount. The same goes with the quality of material. High quality quartz countertops which are long lasting will definitely cost more than the cheap low quality ones that are very poorly built. Moreover, you’ll need to pay extra for the cutting and installing charges. In total, on an average getting a quartz countertop will cost you anywhere between $60 – $100 per square foot. This is how much are quartz countertops in the United States.


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When it comes to the question of how much are quartz countertops, then there is no denying that they are in the upper cost range in the regular market. But at K&B Cabinets, you are guaranteed a way better price than the entire market for your countertop installations. Although they are quite expensive, the quartz countertops give your kitchen a beautiful and royal look. You’ll just love the look of it and will surely want to include it in your kitchen design.